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Jelly Craft Bakery

Jelly Craft Bakery

Jelly Craft Bakery

Inhale…the comforting aroma of baked everything envelops you as soon as you open the door. It’s like you’ve just walked in to Grandma’s on baking day. Knowing that everything you see was baked fresh that very morning. Mouthwatering breads, tempting sweet breads, cookies, cakes, tarts, squares and sweets of all kinds. Maybe you’ll stay for just one bite…

Bread is alive. From the moment the yeast makes contact until the last crispy crumb is licked from your finger tip, the essence of baking - the history of time-tested recipes, the caring hands that knead, the oven that cultivates to perfect maturity – nourishes the senses and the body.

That’s how we think of bread and all that we create here at the Jelly Craft Bakery. Our selection of baked goods is inspired daily, so come as often as you like and we’ll always have something new for you.

We hope that our passion for wholesome, natural, handmade food is obvious and contagious.

Specialty Breads: Cheese, Spanish, herb, sunflower, rye, pumpernickel

Our Popular Spanish- light and airy , packed with green onion, red pepper, garlic, black pepper, mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Sweet breads: raisin and egg

Specialty Breads may be ordered or available by chance.


Multi-grain Bread: It’s fine crunchy crust, blend of coarsely ground flours and grains. Great for sandwiches. Most popular daily baked breads; multigrain, whole wheat, potato, rye

There are many reasons to celebrate! Jelly’s Bakery offers you a wide selection of Cakes. From classic White Chocolate Lemon to moist Banana Torte, or choose the chocolate lovers Rich Chocolate Fudge or light creamy mousses in Decadent Chocolate or delightful Strawberry.

We can also design cakes just for you.


Everyone’s favourite Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake. A rich walnut brownie base covered by swirls of vanilla chocolate cheese. Top with a pool of buttery caramel and dark chocolate dark chocolate gnocchi, and homemade brownies. Jelly offers plain cheesecake with different toppings, fresh fruit, caramel or chocolate glaze and chocolate cheesecake.

Traditional but unique, this amazing creation is made with freshly shredded carrots, juicy pineapple pieces, raisins, cinnamon and unbleached flour. Come and try Jelly’s most popular Carrot Cake covered with real cream cheese icing and caramel on request. As we are not only a café but also a bakery this nutritious cake can be enjoyed at home or given as a gift to your favorite person.

Cheesecake Slices

Assortment of Danishes, scones and muffins baked fresh every morning just for you. The muffin variety changes often, come in and pick from the new favorites. Every body loves Jelly’s cinnamon and sticky buns.
Our bread is best eaten fresh as it contains no preservatives and ages as natural bread should. If not consuming right away, we recommend that you freeze and remove what you need as you need it. Although bread will last for several days in your cupboard, it will retain its original flavour better this way.
“Your baked goods rival that of many European bakeries!!! Superb!!

“Yummy cookies.”

“I love this place - whenever you walk in it smells great!

“Good wholesome food, friendly staff…”

“Your carrot cake was delicious!”

“Hot coffee and a warm muffin…yum!”

"Excellent lunch – friendly staff – we will be back. This was our 2nd visit. Fresh bread is lovely – bread pudding & cheesecake are to die for”

About the food:

“The cakes and shortbread are gorgeous. We thought we had died and gone to heaven. “

“Great perogies…”

“Wonderful quiche…”

“Great borscht...”